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We understand that defaulting on your mortgage is a difficult situation. Many people foresee themselves heading into default, or are already in foreclosure. What many people don’t realize is that they have an option before the bank takes away their house. A short sale is an alternative to foreclosure and one that we can offer advice about to you.

Not Sure If You Qualify For A Short Sale? Do You Owe more on your property than what you could sell it for, especially after real estate commission, closing costs, late payments, interest, etc? Have difficulty covering your expenses each month? Not have money in the bank to cover the difference of what you could sell your house for and what you owe the bank?

Are You Having Trouble Making The Payments? Are You Feeling the stress mounting with each missed payment and phone call from your bank? Borrowing money from other sources to pay your mortgage? Getting confused as to what your options are at this point?

Be Proactive And Save Your Credit From Foreclosure Foreclosure stays on your credit for up to seven years and can make it difficult to obtain another loan. Conducting a short sale minimizes the damage to your credit. Effective Short Sale Negotiators

Lenders commonly work with short sales we bring them because short sales often save them money. Mortgage servicers can lose a lot more money if your property goes to foreclosure sale. We use our established relationships with the lenders to effectively with them.

Here’s How It Works We set you up with a Realtor in our nationwide network of preferred short sale Realtors, or use the one you’re currently with, to market your property and receive an offer before your property is sold at foreclosure auction. We help you gather financial information to support your hardship, contact your lenders, and get in touch with the lawyers and mortgage insurance companies involved in your case. We submit the offer(s) on your property, the financial information, and other supporting documents to our contacts inside your mortgage servicer to negotiate the short sale of your property. We coordinate with title companies, attorneys, mortgage insurance companies, public trustees, etc. for the approval of your short sale.

Foreclosure Sale Date Approaching? It’s best to allow yourself as much time as possible to short sale your property, but if you’re not sure you have enough time to conduct a short sale, contact us so we can discuss your situation.


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